The world is linked by transport. How else do we import and export goods, travel and communicate. It’s an exciting industry to study and work in and one that has no boundaries. Study for a Bachelor of Commerce in Transport and Logistics (B.Com (Transport and Logistics)) and who knows which part of the world you’ll end up in.

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University Entrance
Special Admission
Admission with Credit
* specific programmes may have extra entry criteria


Points: 360
Duration: 3 years full-time / equivalent part-time

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Graduates qualified in the field of transport and logistics are in demand, so with a Bachelor of Commerce in Transport and Logistics (B.Com (Transport and Logistics)) you won’t find it hard to get a job. There are opportunities in small family businesses, government agencies and even multi-national organisations.

Alliance Manager
Communications Controller
Logistics Analyst
Logistics Manager
Multi-modal Coordinator
Quality Control Manager
Regional Planner
Safety Officer
Systems Analyst
Transport Policy Analyst
Urban Planner


Indicative only
120 point (full-time) first year programme:

Institution Domestic NZ$ International NZ$
Lincoln $3,336 - 5,088 $19,824


- Applied Economics
- Computing
- Energy, Transport and the Environment
- Finance
- Management Accounting
- Problem Solving
- Statistics
- Supply Chain Management
- Transport and Distribution Management
- Transport and Logistics
- Transport Law
- Transport Systems